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Hello, my name is Todd, and I'm here to tell you a bit about me.

My Favorites:

Food: Peanut-Butter sandwiches

Color: BROWN! and GREY!

Band: Korn!

Song: Tyranny Normality - Papa Roach

Place: Barcelona, Spain

Hero: Dr. Cajetan Menke The TaG fag leader.He's taught me so much. I miss you.

Show(s): Family Guy or SKATE

Pet Peaves/Things I Hate:

I hate it when people don't tie their shoelaces, and it makes them flop all over the place.

I hate Mac computers so much, I have no one word to describe it.

I hate seafood

I hate hockey, and I'm glad it's gone

I am a TaG Fag and I am proud of it.

TaG is a programme at Centennial which contains all the students who are, quote by Dr. Cajetan Menke, TaG's father,





Being a TaG is not only about being superior to others, or being superficially intelligent, it's about knowing what comes first in your life. It's a way of life. We represent our school as one, so we are expected to be exceptional, which we are. When others say, "Ha ha you TaG fag", we don't react. They think they are so clever but really they're not. For many reasons, for one it's been used so many times it has become extremely tiresome and just plain bland. Also, it makes no sense to make fun of those who are more intelligent than they are. We will probably get farther in life than they will, so in the end we'll be laughing at them. So, next time you think about calling us TaG fags, think about this. You'll be cleaning our $%&#!

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