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My Favorite Sites---------------------------- The Internet is an excellent source of information where millions people visit every day to enrich their knowledge and learn many new facts about our being.


Not me though, I use the Internet basically only to play games and look at funny pictures. It is one of the best resources for looking for pictures or facts. I also use it for studying from time to time.

My favorite websites are:

Ebaumsworld is a site for more mature adolescents as there are some explicit photos and language used in their great comedy. They have wide variety of many different photos, videos and games. Despite the fact that I've seen most of the pictures on the site it never seems to fail to amuse me.

This site is clearly dedicated to Family Guy and it's keen references to many different shows and politically known moments. It contains many pictures and fun things to do, all pertaining to Family Guy. I really like this site because I think that all the pictures are very funny.

Skateboard-City is a site dedicated to skateboarding and all it's contents. This is probably one of my more favorite sites as I visit it more often than the other ones. It contains sick tricks and trick tips which help when trying to learn a new trick. It also contains pictures of members of the site skateboarding. Another intresting feature is that it has ramp plans in case you ever want to make your own half-pipe*, kicker*, quarter-pipe* or box*. It has links to other skateboarding sites which is helpful if you do not find what you are looking for there. Back